Community Forestry

Tree risk assessment and management, pruning, selection, inventories and benefits mapping, photovisualization, management planning, ordinances and governance, urban ecology, tree management in construction zones, shade tree casualty loss, tree health care, and more




Storm Planning, Damage and Response

Tree Removal

Tree Risk Assesment

Misc. Tree Care


  • Urban forestry inventory
  • Urban tree measurements (iTree Eco)
  • An introduction to i-Tree Hydro
  • Geographic positioning systems
  • Tree risk identification
  • Tree identification
  • Urban ecology
  • Municipal tree and landscape ordinances
  • Urban canopy benefits
  • Yard tree problem diagnosis
  • Tree selection and establishment
  • Tree pruning
  • Tree biology
  • Irrigation systems for trees
  • Controlling invasive species
  • Create a city arboretum
  • Introduction to CanVis
  • Tree appraisal

Short Courses

  • Municipal arboriculture training
  • Introduction to arboriculture
  • Community forestry & arboriculture specialization for Georgia Master Gardeners
  • Tree academy: building resilience in your neighborhood


  • CanVis photorealistic visualization
  • Urban forest inventory training - Workshop Series
  • Spanish language program “Tree identification”
  • Spanish language program “Trees as a backyard habitat”
  • Leadership strategies for tree boards and natural resources organizations workshop
  • Developing successful landscape ordinances
  • Geographic Positioning Systems
  • Safe tree climbing

Field Days

  • BioBlitz